classic halloumi za'atar baguette

sliced halloumitopped with tomatoes, rocket leaves, black olives, dash of olive and pesto served on our special freshly baked za'atar baguette

*upgrade to MEGA | BD 0.600

BD 1.800

turkey bri & cranberry white baguette

turkey, bam's brie cheese and cranberry on a freshly baked white baguette grilled to cheesy perfection

*upgrade to MEGA | BD 0.600

BD 1.800

labnah & za'atar wrap

labnah, za'atar, tomato, cucumber, black olives, and olive oil in a tortilla wrap

BD 1.800

bam's egg & saysage sesame baguette

bam's tasty sausage, halloumi, and our signature omelet, rocket leaves, tomato and pesto on a special freshly baked sesame baguette

*upgrade to MEGA | BD 0.600

BD 2.100

steak egg & bacon wrap

thinly sliced steak, our signature omelet, bacon, cheddar cheese, green onions, and diced tomato in a tortilla wrap

BD 2.000
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